Poverty Alleviation through Training and Employment

Building Up is a business that strives for more than economic value alone. Above all else, our goal is to provide opportunities for prosperity to community members who may otherwise be destined for generations of poverty.

Our mix of on-the-job training and off-site workshops gives our trainees the technical skills they will need to pursue a career in the trades as well as the personal support that they will need to maintain it. 

Environmentalism through Efficiency 

The best way to preserve our environment is to focus on efficiency rather than conservation. We can't control the behaviour of others, but we can control the technologies they interact with.

Retrofits make economic sense and produce tangible environmental impact. Building Up is making it easy to say yes to retrofit work. We offer our services at no upfront costs. Customers simply payback the cost of the retrofit through the savings it generates. 

Improved Affordable Housing Stock

Building Up replaces worn down appliances with new technologies at no upfront costs. Our payment terms make retrofits accessible to cash-strapped housing providers. By providing full-time employment to the tenants of the buildings we work in, we make rental income more reliable. When people gain employment and move out of affordable housing buildings they make room for more community members in need. With reduced costs, non profit housing providers will have the option to pass on a portion of their savings to their tenants.

Viable Impact Investing Opportunities

More and more investors are looking to use their capital for good. We provide reliable economic returns while bringing about tangible social and environmental change. Impact investors need projects to invest in, and Building Up provides access to meaningful investments.