Building Up seeks a Toronto where people with barriers to employment have an opportunity to fight their communities' social and environmental issues with economically viable solutions.


Building Up will make this vision a reality by training community members with limited experience in the formal labour market to retrofit their city's low-income housing stock. Building Up's retrofits will reduce housing providers utility bills while improving the environment and providing sustainable employment to those who need it most.

Competitive Advantage

We offer high quality trades work while simultaneously providing access to sustainable employment to our customers' tenants. This opportunity allows affordable housing providers to generate more reliable rental income while fulfilling their social obligations to their tenants

As a non-profit creating economic, social and environmental benefits to society we can attract impact investors and government funding at lower interest rates than the private sector. This allows us to provide favourable payment terms to our customers. Our customers have the option to pay for our services overtime through the savings generated by our retrofits.

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