Building Up Installs:

- Canadian made Proficiency 3 litre per flush toilet 

- 1.5 GPM showerheads

- 1.5 GPM kitchen faucet aerators

- 1.0 GPM bathroom faucet aerators

To understand and see one of our toilets in action, please watch this video. More than 200K of these toilets have been installed in Canada. 

The Process

- We remove and recycle your old fixtures as well.

- Our retrofit pays for itself in under 3 years - Even in recently retrofitted buildings!

- Building Up will perform a FREE water audit at your building to assess potential savings. 

- Following the audit you will receive a report from a third party consultant that outlines:

1. Suggested upgrades

2. Projected savings

3. Payback period 

4. Return on investment


Customer Testimonials

"During the first four months of 2015 the average water consumption at 25 Leonard was about 40 m3  per day and after you replaced the toilets at the end of April the usage dropped to approximately 15 m3 per day. It even shows a visible drop in the consumption for each of the three days on which you replaced the toilets. 

It will be interesting to see if we get similar savings when we convert our other buildings, but the impact from the toilet conversion at 25 Leonard was surprising and very impressive. The cash savings goes straight to our bottom line."

--Jon Harstone, Executive Director, St Clare's Multifaith Housing Society