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Our Vision

Building Up aims to break cycles of systemic inequity, by ‘leveling the playing field’ through a holistic network of supports that prioritize long term impact for our participants.

Our Mission

Building Up provides individuals with barriers to employment with holistic training and supports that create access to upward wealth mobility and long-term careers in the construction industry.

Our Unique Approach

  • Personal relationships our team build: Building Up is a mission-driven community of coworkers that prioritize our participants’ professional growth through building personal relationships, 1:1 coaching, mentorship and long term wrap-around support
  • Holistic Long Term Support: We continuously build out an ecosystem of resources to better support the transition from trainee to tradesperson. This includes
    •  In-class foundational hard and soft skill building at our Training Centre
    • Real life employment and on the job experience through our Social Enterprise
    • Long term personalized support, and targeted career coaching through our Case Management and Alumni Program
  • Social Enterprise: We operate as a self-sustaining contractor that takes on work specifically to provide training and employment opportunities and to support the transition from in class learning to real-world construction careers. This model allows us to:
    • Offer no end date to our support for any individual
    • Maintain a reciprocal long term working relationship with our participants
    • Offer paid training to individuals that require a steady income while pursuing professional development

Building Up’s Story

We do not train and employ people to take on business. We take on business to train and employ people.

Based on successful non-profit social enterprise models across the country, Building Up was developed in Toronto to improve our city’s environmental efficiency, affordable housing stock, and most of all – to create a real pathway for individuals experiencing barriers to enter apprenticeships and careers in the trades. 

Building Up connects the dots. We give housing providers an opportunity to connect work that needs to get done in their buildings with the people in their buildings that need the work. We help construction unions meet their need for skilled labour by supplying them with individuals from the community that are looking for sustainable careers. 

We link business needs to community needs in everything that we do, and act as a vehicle for win-win-win partnerships.

Meet recent graduates

Watch CBC The National's story about three of our graduates, to get a better sense of the Building Up mission and how we are changing lives.

We are fortunate to have an incredible and passionate team supporting this mission

Why work with Building Up


You should apply to Building Up if you are looking for a career in the construction trades. We offer paid training that will give you exposure to multiple trades so that you can decide on a career path that works for you. You will be given an opportunity to learn on jobsites with experienced tradespeople who understand how to support you. You will tour multiple construction unions and be supported down the career path that is best for you. 

This is a springboard for the rest of your life. 

Why work with Building Up

Housing Providers

You should consider working with Building Up if you want to leverage your capital budget to improve your community. 

You are spending money on your buildings already – whether you are improving their energy efficiency, upgrading suites, preparing units for new tenants or renovating your community spaces. We offer an opportunity for you to spend that money with a contractor that provides quality work, reliability, AND meaningful contributions to your communities. 


Why work with Building Up

Employers & Unions

Your workforce is growing and you need pre-screened, pre-trained and motivated referrals on a regular basis at no cost.

Building Up provides you with an opportunity for the make up of your team to be as diverse as the make up of our community. The individuals we send your way are looking for a career and they understand what they need to do in order to satisfy your company’s needs.

We are here to support your recruitment needs.