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General Contracting

Building Up has worked with clients to deliver outstanding renovations that benefit the community.

General Contracting Services

Our experienced carpenters, plumbers and painters lead our crews into the field as we take on a range of renovation projects.

What started as simple apartment turnovers (painting, flooring, general repairs), grew into bathroom and kitchen renovations. Most recently, we have partnered with Raising the Roof to repurpose vacant properties into affordable housing while acting as the general contractor. This innovative program is called Reside.

As with all of our projects, we pair experienced tradespeople with our pre-apprentices to give customers a beautiful end product. At the same time, we create an impactful and life changing opportunity.

Key Benefits to our Customers

Experienced Supervision

Our supervisors are licensed tradespeople with the experience required to deliver quality projects.

Transparency and Reliability

We are a non-profit contractor that sees business opportunities as pathways to change our participants’ lives. We show up when we say we will and do not hide extra charges. We view the contractor customer relationship as a partnership that is more valuable than a single job.

Free Estimate

We would be more than happy to provide a free quotation for whatever work you are doing in your home, building or office.

Holistic Impact

Why not use your capital spending as a vehicle to provide training and employment to individuals with employment barriers? Why not incorporate green construction into your next project?

If you are spending money already, this is an opportunity to exponentially increase the value of the money you are putting into your property.

What is Reside?

Reside is a program being run in partnership with Raising The Roof to repurpose vacant housing into affordable housing. The program accomplished the following:

  1. A way to repurpose old vacant homes into affordable housing;
  2. A way to embed training and employment initiatives into housing renovations and retrofits; and
  3. A way to reduce the long term affordability of a home by making it truly energy efficient.

For more information, read some of the press Reside has received.



Customer Testimonial

Building Up’s entire team was professional and friendly from dealing with Marc and Adam on the administrative side to Mason and the installers on site. We look forward to working with them again in the future.

Elizabeth MacLean
Carpark Management