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General Labour

We exist in order to connect the work that most needs to get done with the people that most need the work. As a result, we have built the capacity to manage a wide range of general labour services.

General Labour Services

With over 600 applicants to our programming every year, we have a seemingly endless pool of motivated individuals who are ready to get into the workforce. Our crews are made up of individuals who are constantly proving themselves to build a career. 

We provide affordable hourly rates to complete services including, but not limited to:

  • Radiator cleaning
  • Groundskeeping
  • Window washing
  • Apartment move out support
  • Provision of temporary labour to contractors
  • Event set-up support

We are here to support your labour needs – WHATEVER those may be!


Key Benefits to Customers


As a non-profit, our intention is not to earn every last penny. This work is intended to provide meaningful work experience and opportunities for paid learning to our crews.

Contracting labour services to Building Up allows your organization to give back to the community, while affordably purchasing services you already need to invest in.


With so many individuals looking for career pathways through Building Up, we can guarantee that we will be able to scale up quickly to support your project’s needs. We have reliable supervisors that ensure that our crews are delivering exactly what you need. This is exactly what we are training future tradespeople to do!

Community Benefits

When you work with Building Up, your community benefits. We urge you to consider the social benefits of engaging Building Up to support your needs on future projects.

Track Record

We have developed mutually beneficial relationships for labour services with large organizations such as Crosslinx, Daniels, Toronto Community Housing, and Heights Development. This is a proven service that is Building Up people while Building Up our communities.

Can Building Up support my upcoming project?

Only one way to find out:

Reach out to our General Temporary Labour Recruitment Manager, Andre O’Connor for an estimate – [email protected].




Customer Testimonial

Daniels has contracted Building Up for general maintenance work within Regent Park and the relationship continues to evolve. There is interest internally and from community partners to continue engaging Building Up and its trainees, as the participants we’ve worked with to date have demonstrated strong motivation to work in the construction field and to meet our general maintenance needs.

Courtney Sweet
Daniels’ Corporation