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Water Efficiency Retrofits

Cut your water bills by up to 50% today

Water Efficiency Retrofits

3 litre toilets have become the norm in residential buildings across Canada. The flush is strong, and the savings are undeniable. 

Building Up can cut your building’s water costs up to 50% and will create a payback as quick as 10 months. 

We provide a free water audit to assess your building’s opportunity for savings, and offer the option to pay for the retrofit over time through the utility savings.

Key Benefits to a Housing Provider

Major Savings on Utility Expenses

With water rates rising in Toronto at 8% per year, reducing consumption has become a priority. On average, our customers have cut utility expenses by over $150/suite/year following the retrofit. This equates to a payback of under 2 years.

Our crews install 3 litre toilets, as well as tamperproof 1.5 GPM showerheads, 1.5 GPM kitchen aerators and 1.0 GPM bathroom aerators.

Short Term Payback

The average annual return on investment is +50%. Your building, whether it be private, non-profit or a co-operative, will see a payback of 1-3 years and will see immediate benefits on your bills without sacrificing functionality.

Free Water Audit

Building Up will provide a free water audit for any building to assess the potential for savings. You will receive a report that outlines conservative savings projections, estimated payback periods and outlines project details.

You can then present this report to your team and make an educated decision without putting any money down.

Efficient and Professional Team

Our crews work through 30 suites daily and prioritize tenant satisfaction. This is a non-intrusive intervention and we will be in and out of your property without hassle. We also provide a unit-by-unit checklist outlining notes, pest issues, or any other matters your superintendent should be aware of.

Our Process

  1. Contact [email protected] to begin the conversation.
  2. We will ask for 12 months of water bills and access to 10 units in your building in order to gather data to create a customized savings report.
  3. We provide the savings report at no charge, and your team decides to go forward.
  4. We conduct a site visit to coordinate details and scheduling.
  5. The work is completed.
  6. Your tenants receive new fixtures and your building cuts its water costs by +30%.



Customer Testimonial

During the first four months of 2015 the average water consumption at 25 Leonard was about 40 mper day and after you replaced the toilets at the end of April the usage dropped to approximately 15 mper day.  The cash savings goes straight to our bottom line.   

Jon Harstone
St. Clare’s Multifaith Housing Society