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Paid Program

Earn while you learn. $14 per hour for 12 of the 16 week program.

Hands On

Hands on experience working directly with trades employers.

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85% of graduates are working successfully in trades careers.

About the Program

Building Up’s pre-apprenticeship program is a 16 week paid training program that uses construction contracts and in-class training to prepare individuals facing barriers to employment for successful careers in the trades. Participants are paid $14 per hour for 12 of the 16 weeks and are required to be available from Monday to Friday between 7:30 AM to 4:00PM for the duration of the program. Our 16 week program is divided into 2 sections: 8 weeks of in-class training and 8 weeks of in the field work experience. 

8 weeks of in-class training – working directly with unions and trades employers

  • Essential skills: Trades math, reading comprehension and soft skills training.
  • Trades skills: Power tools, drywall, painting, carpentry, plumbing, etc.
  • Health and safety: Every trainee is provided with the health and safety certificates and Personal Protective Equipment required by employers:  WHIMS, Working At Heights, Elevated Work Platforms, PPE, etc.
  • Tools: Every trainee is provided with a core set of tools to help them in their trades careers. 

8 weeks of work placement

  • Water retrofits: Participants replace old inefficient water fixtures  (toilets, showerheads and aerators) with highly efficient upgrades that save affordable housing buildings millions of dollars annually on utility bills. 
  • General labour: Participants are placed on a variety of social enterprise contracts that provide a basis for punctuality, professionalism and work ethic. 
  • General contracting: Participants work under experienced tradespeople to undertake renovations that benefit community.
Working Full Time
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Paid Training Hours

How To Apply

We are excited to announce that Building Up is now accepting applications for our July 2019 cohort. We will be hiring for 12 -14 new positions. We are inviting all candidates interested in joining the the Building Up team and pursuing a trades career to please apply before July 12th, 2019. To apply you must be 18+ years old. 

For individuals who are interested in our program, we have a 1 week interview process:

  • Information Session (mandatory) – July 15th, 8:30am
  • 1st interviews (for successful applicants) – July 16th or 17th, time TBD
  • Hands-on interviews (for successful applicants) – July 18th, all day (7:30am to 4pm)
  • Final interviews (for successful applicants) – July 19th, time TBD

If successful, applicants will need to provide the following documents during their interviews:

  • Resume
  • High school transcript
  • Government issued photo ID (except Health card)
  • SIN card